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Below is an embedded version of the Walmart Land case study as originally put together on the portfolio site of my creative partner, senior art director Lexey Watson.

My role on this project was the lead (and for most of it the only) copywriter, from idea conception phase to the actual execution and development. We did this at the agency Digitas North America (we were in New York).


My direct responsibilities include creating gameplay objectives and storylines, naming every component of the game and getting legal approval, writing all of the gameplay UX copy, and crafting the decks to sell this in to the client. We also created social posts, targeted digital ads and 30-second commercials promoting the game. Those are all below.


Our creative directors were Kiser Barnes and Mark Snow, our client lead was Justin Breton and our account leads were Andrew DiMartino (Publicis NY) and Abigail O'Connor (Publicis NY).

Here are links to highlights of the worldwide press coverage this project received.

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